Karl is a commercial lifestyle, sport and travel photographer based by the coast in Cornwall UK. With a background in Design & Branding and the founder of the award-winning branding agency - Mackie Studio, his passion lies in creating engaging content that can be used across social, digital and print campaigns.

For the past several years he has shot with film, documenting lifestyles and travel, often amongst the coastal & surfing community and has garnered a reputation as someone who can capture the moments between the moments, these are often where the true story lies.

Supported by dunning golf, foreign rider, twothirds and nomad.

Having worked with Karl Mackie since 2014 has been one of the highlights of my career in both business and branding.
Karl has the rare ability to deliver imagery that tells a complete story without the need for excess copy.
He is my go to photography partner on all my branding projects and I look forward to working with him for years.
— Ralph Dunning - CEO Kohala design
We want the brand to be about taking a step back and focusing on the bigger picture. Your pics represent that, especially your Cornwall ones, so so emotive and describe the feeling of the area. It’s often like you have accidentally and intrusively captured a sacred moment in time that shouldn’t have been captured and should have passed by without another thought.... and our days are made of those. It’s haphazard and random and sublimely beautiful.
— Tim Crabtree - Land & Sea Noosa.