Photography Workshops

Photography workshops run throughout Cornwall and the South West by Karl Mackie. Improve your photography storytelling with one of the UK’s leading landscape, sport and travel photographers.

Cornwall: Waterfalls & Rivers Workshop | 18th-19th May 2019

Cornwall: Waterfalls & Rivers Workshop | 18th-19th May 2019


A photography workshop where we will explore the locations between Cardinham Woods and Golitha Falls over 2 days.

We are spoilt for choice as photographers in Cornwall with multiple shoot locations, surf beaches, fishing ports, lighthouses, waterfalls and lakes, all spaced neatly together.

During the workshop we’ll begin shooting at Cardinham Woods, then move on to Golitha Falls for the second day.

Group size limited to four including myself.

Once you have purchased the workshop I will invite you to a private Facebook group, specifically for the members of this workshop.

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We will meet at the Cardinham Woods carpark at 10.00am for an early morning drink and a chance to get to know each other before heading out on one of the trails, this will involve walking 2-6 miles along trail paths with the river running alongside us the entire way, giving us plenty of opportunity to photograph in various states of movement.

At this time of year, we should be able to get in a solid day and look to conclude day one around 5.30pm.


Early start for day two! And a beautiful workshop 10 miles away from Cardinham Woods at Golitha Falls which features a meandering river Fowey, plenty of rocks intersperses with forest and of course a waterfall. We’ll meet at the Golitha Falls car park at 8.00am and proceed to the route where we’ll aim to photograph this amazing landscape at first sunlight. We’ll then stop for lunch nearby at the Jamaican Inn and continue shooting into the afternoon..

The workshop will conclude late afternoon.


By keeping the group size down to four, it means we can focus on the tuition and bounce off each other, additionally I can cover the transport to and from our photography locations.

Once you have purchased the workshop I will invite you to a private Facebook group, specifically for the members of this workshop so we can keep in touch and make further plans during the two days.

There will definitely be walking on trail paths and the likelihood of it being muddy and windy is high, but we will not walk more than 45mins in a single stretch, plus there is plenty of opportunity to stop and catch a breather or/and nail that shot.

If you have any questions please email me and I will try and answer them.

Email: info@karlmackie.com



Day One:

Cardinham Woods car park
Woods cafe
PL30 4AL

Day Two:

Golitha Falls car park
St Cleer
PL14 6RU

Nearest Airports:

Newquay Airport is just 17 miles from Cardinham Woods.



Travel between locations
Tuition and Guidance
Written write up after the event


DSLR/Mirrorless/Film Camera body with lens(es)
Tripod (essential)
Mobile Phone
Notebook and Pen

Waterproof clothing
Suitable footwear for walking (It could get muddy)
Water Bottle