Photography Workshops



What can you expect to learn on my workshops?



For those who don’t know me, my background is in design and photography. I have worked with many brands from all around the world and local to me, here in Cornwall. I do this with the same strong beliefs I have always had; that a visual story, told through well executed photography is essential for any brand or individuals success.

With this in mind I began running photography workshops back in early 2018.

Photography workshops carry a wide range of uses for all abilities of photographer, my workshops lend support to beginners, amateurs and pro photographers. You can book individual one to one workshops, completely down to you and what you wish to learn, I have one and two day workshops where we photograph landscapes from rivers to waterfalls and surfing to sand dunes. You can also pick your medium with the chance to take a workshop exclusively on film, SLR or mobile.

What happens after I book?

If you are booking a one to one workshop, please email me at beforehand where we can discuss what kind of guidance you would like and how you see the day ahead that works best for you. Once we are both happy, you’ll make the online booking and I’ll set up a private WhatsApp group for us to discuss further.

All other multi persons workshops are sent an invite to a private Facebook group where we can discuss further the day(s) of the workshop.

I’ll be in constant touch leading up to the workshop, advising on equipment, accommodation, clothing, weather etc to ensure the worksop runs smoothly.

In the case of extreme weather conditions that stops us from shooting I will offer to reschedule the workshop. If thats not possible, I’ll offer a full refund.

What happens during a workshop?

We meet at the chosen location where we can all park our cars (cost of parking is covered in the workshop cost) I always like to meet early so to allow us enough time to grab a coffee and get to know each other before heading out to shoot.

I’ll show you how I would shoot a particular location, going through lens choice, aperture, shutter speed and focus among many other things, then its down to you. I work best when I am able to feedback to everyone individually although I am at hand to answer anything you wish to know and I encourage you to ask me as much as possible!

I’ll keep an eye on the time and the schedule and make sure I transfer us all to each location at the right times so to maximise the best light for that location during the day.

Additionally I can recommend the best stops for refreshments.


What happens after a workshop?

I would hate for you to go away without finding something out you desperately wanted to know, so please keep in touch and email me that question. Additionally everyone will have a write up of the days workshop emailed to them and a chance to feedback to me via a short questionnaire.

Thank you.


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