Airstream Dreams



A 35mm photo essay of a modern design classic



Packing my bag the night before, I grabbed my goto gear for the shoot, the SLR, Primes, a Zoom, Tripod, Chargers etc...and my film camera with a roll of out of date Ilford FP4. The following day I was due on set, shooting stills for a Carlsberg UK series of short films, no reason to bring a film camera but mine is always with me, no matter what.

The morning of the day I arrived I met John, a writer, a poet and a man of many talents, particularly telling stories of days gone by. He told me he had a vintage AirStream Caravan, it was on site and would I like to shoot it!

“Yes!” I said without hesitation.

On inspection, the AirStream was untouched from its original state, with the now classic driver's cab featuring a cassette player, huge seats and windows, in the back, double beds, showers, sinks and cookers. The outside was in mint condition, with the retro logo and colours intact.

All I had was 1 roll of Ilford FP4, pushed 2 stops on, being shot through a Minolta SR-7. For a breakaway hour, John told stories over liquid refreshments and I got to work shooting him in his environment, not super confident if this film was even going to develop let alone make it on here.
Airstream+Caravan+Photoshoot+in+Cornwall+_+With+Ilford+FP4+_+Karl+Mackie+Photography (2).jpeg

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