Anandonment Post



Issue raising photo essay documenting abandoned coastal town buildings in my home town.



During 2015 I bought a bundle of out of date 35mm film from 'that online auction website' there is nothing unusual about this, I regularly search said website looking for dated gems. On this occasion, included as part of the bundle were three rolls of Ilford FP4, dated 1979!

The oldest film I had shot up until that point was from 1986 and most of those frames never saw the light of day. Although this film was older, I wasn’t put off and decided to shoot with fingers crossed. I put the film away in a drawer and waited for a project to present itself.

Fast forward to 2018 and I found my project!

I live in a surf town, there's a mixture of poverty and wealth, development and abandonment like many coastal towns all around the world. My journey from my home to my studio took me 45 minutes on foot and I had walked this route every day for the past year. Walking is great for noticing things and that's exactly what happened, I decided to use the Ilford film to document the abandonment of buildings in my town.

This month is March 2019 marking the 40 year anniversary of this film.
abandoned- buildings-in newquay-9.jpg

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